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The current research programs of our group include the study of the band structures, and lattice dynamics of semi-conductors, metals and insulators, both crystalline and amorphous. The technology applied to these samples is applied to the study of biological specimen, including pancreatic cancer cells, DNA, molecular structures in solution, and human tissue. The resulting application of our research findings related to pancreatic cancer will be applied to the diagnosis and treatment of this extremely deadly disease. The linear as well as the non-linear optical interactions of coherent radiation with matter are studied in these systems as well as the surface properties using a range of electron spectroscopes.

Facilities for these studies span the spectrum from the soft x-ray to the far infrared using conventional spectrometers as well as high and low power lasers. In addition, high contrast Raman, Brillouin, and Rayleigh scattering systems are employed. Surface analytical facilities employing a range of electron spectroscopes such as: low electron diffraction (LEED), Auger electron spectroscopy (AES), and x-ray photon-electron spectroscopy (ESCA) are operative. These systems are integrated with computers for data acquisition, control and analysis.

Low level absorptions in highly transparent solids and liquids are studied by wavelength modulation techniques. Electron spectroscopic techniques are employed to study surfaces and interfaces. Optical-microwave measurements are performed to study non-linear transport phenomena in semi-conductors such as saturation drift velocity.